Amino Acid Guide

Amino Acid Guide

Learn, Quiz, Repeat. The Complete Guide to the Amino Acids.

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Browse through each amino acid and learn about its specific properties. Use the provided 2D and simplified diagrams to learn the functional group structure of all 20 amino acids. There are many data points available from Codons and Polarity, to Molar Mass and Density.

3D animated Ball and Stick, and Space Filling models; 2D Structure, Simplified and Functional Group images, help you learn the chemical structure of each amino acid.

This is a great tool if you are just starting out and need to learn about amino acids, or if you have lots of experience and want a handy reference with you wherever you go.



Test your amino acid knowledge wherever you are.

There are 6 quiz modes (more coming): 2D structure, Functional Group, Three letter code, Single letter code, Polarity, and Essential.

The first few questions are free, and an In-App purchase unlocks unlimited quiz questions.

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Apple Watch

Learn everything about amino acids, right on your wrist, wherever you are.


There is also the Daily Amino Acid. This is a fun Glance to see a new amino acid every day and keep you motivated to learn.



Amino Acid Guide takes advantage of unique iPad multitasking in iOS 9 with slide-over and split-view (requires iPad Air 2 and later). This means you can learn and quiz your knowledge of amino acids while reading your notes.



Amino Acid Guide is now available on Android. You can browse and learn amino acids on over 7,000 more devices!

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We now have great language support for English, French, Chinese (simplified), and Korean (iOS only).



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